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FBI Plans Industry Day for $5 billion IT Services Deal

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is contemplating the creation of a $5 billion, 10-year, “all-encompassing IT services” multiple-award contract, according to April 11 request for information.

The contract, known as IT Supplies and Support Services 2, or ITSSS-2, is the focus of this week’s Bloomberg Government Top 20 Opportunities. The contract is a follow-on to ITSSS, an eight-year, $30 billion blanket purchase agreement (BPA) under the General Services Administration’s Schedule IT-70. The 46 companies with BPA contracts have been competing for IT orders at the Justice Department since 2010.

Spending under the BPA is difficult to determine because the work booked through it isn’t easily distinguished from other orders won through the IT-70 contracts. Clients can click here for a February BGOV analysis identifying techniques to quantify spending on ITSSS.

What’s Changing?

The biggest change from ITSSS to ITSSS-2 is a decrease in ceiling to $5 billion on the follow-on from $30 billion on the predecessor. Changes to the services provided, as well as the structure of the contract, are also large.

The IT services on ITSSS-2, called tracks, will include: agile development; operations and maintenance; engineering services; information technology consulting; information technology scientific services; cloud; telecom; IT services; cyber security; IT security services; and IT help desk support.

What’s Ahead

The FBI’s acquisition schedule for ITSS-2 is aggressive:

· April 20: RFI Response Due Date
· April 30: Industry Day
· August 17: Release Final Solicitation
· Oct 5: Proposals Due
· March 1: Award Contracts

Additional acquisition plans for ITSSS-2 will be discussed at an April 30 industry day at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. The industry day is likely to cover answers by potential bidders to the questions asked by the FBI, including which best-in-class contracts companies already have and whether more tracks that should be added to the scope of the contract.

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